November 5, 2017

The Use of Aerospace Threaded Rods

Threaded rods are the fastener of choice when joining large parts of an aircraft together. That’s because of their impeccable fastening performance and tensile strength. Aerospace Manufacturing  produces custom aerospace threaded rods as well as one of the most common aerospace threaded rod series, NAS1454, for industry leading aerospace and defense companies and large OEMs.

NAS1454 Aerospace Threaded Rod Characteristics

NAS1454 threaded rods are available in Carbon steel (cadmium plated), Brass (no plating) and corrosion resistant steel (passivated) with many different lengths and threading options available. Common applications of  NAS1454 threaded rods include aviation, both civil and military, and commercial electronics. Naturally, to achieve the desired toughness and strength characteristics, our fasteners must be heat-treated.

Procure Aerospace Threaded Rods from Aerospace Manufacturing

With forging presses, thread rolling machines, warm heading machines, as well as a 6,000 square foot facility dedicated exclusively to electroplating for cadmium, we can  significantly reduce lead times and control quality. We also perform aging in-house to achieve the desired toughness and strength characteristics for our aerospace threaded rods.

Aerospace Manufacturing provides large OEM and industry leading aerospace and defense companies with everything from large contracts and blanket orders to small specialty orders on  Inconel bolts, MP35N bolts, Titanium bolts, H11 tool steel bolts, Waspaloy bolts, and more.

We are AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited, QSLM approved and a Phillips Screw licensee. Our pricing and delivery are flexible!

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